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  • By Mary Hiles
  • 5 February 2016
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GEO in London is the London site of Global Education Oregon.

Arthur’s Seat

Arthur’s Seat is a mountain on the outskirts of Edinburgh, Scotland. Every semester we take our students on a three-day visit to this beautiful city.

The River Thames

The Thames was once one of the busiest rivers in the world. Today it’s rather less congested, but is still very much the heart of London.


The BBC is a British institution and known throughout the world, so we aim to take our News Journalism students there during the summer.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is the more ornate bridge which stands near the Tower of London. It’s not to be confused with London Bridge, its slightly more austere cousin!

Course Books

All course books are included in the fee, but must be handed back at end of the programme.