Semester Programmes

Our semester-length programmes run in the fall and spring:

Open to all U.S. undergraduate students, the Liberal Arts in London Programme consists of 14-week terms offered during Fall and Spring. There is a one-week break in the middle of the term to allow students time for independent travel.

The Liberal Arts in London programme is open to U.S. undergraduate students in all fields of study who meet the following requirements:

  • Sophomore status (minimum)
  • Good academic standing

The Centre’s curriculum is designed for junior, senior, and exceptionally qualified sophomore level students committed to a rigorous schedule of liberal arts study. Selection is based on seriousness of purpose, academic achievement, and individual stability and maturity. Individual university requirements may vary. A minimum GPA may be required by your home institution. Check with your study abroad adviser for specific requirements

Medical information is required of all students who have been accepted into the programme. This information is considered confidential.

Students are encouraged to apply early, as programme space is limited. Applications have priority according to the date received. Students attending participating institutions may pick up an application at their respective study abroad office. Students attending non-member institutions should contact Global Education Oregon for an application. Go the GEO website and see ‘Getting Started

Each course provides 45 contact hours per semester. Students attending any participating institutions receive home-campus credit. Students attending non-member institutions receive transfer credit from a designated member school. GEO facilitates non-member arrangements after an application form has been submitted. Enrolling institutions determine the number of credits earned per course.

Tuition and fees
Course materials
On-site orientation
Student activities
Programme excursions: admission tickets to exhibits, theatre events, and historic sites
A London Oyster Travelcard (Zones 1-2 on tube, train and bus)

Please note that enrolling institutions may charge additional fees. Airfare and expenses such as additional meals, incidentals, and personal travel are not included.

For information on submitting an application, on financial aid and refund policy, please see main the Global Education Oregon website

We also offer academic internships. Please see

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