Outside the Classroom

Our coursesĀ are academically rigorous and require a lot of hard work, but what often makes our programmes unique is what goes on outside the classroom. All of these experiences are important and form part of a student’s education while studying abroad.

  • Travelling to new places
  • Living with other students
  • Getting to know a new area
  • Being asked for directions
  • Working at an internship
  • Commuting on the tube
  • Queuing!
  • Being open to change
  • Finding new favourite places
  • Living away from family and friends for an extended period
  • Going to the opera for the first time
  • Not being a tourist (but also sometimes being a tourist as it’s fun!)
  • Negotiating the night buses
  • Becoming a regular at a local cafe and staff remembering your order!
  • Visiting a pub (and being able to drink alcohol legally and responsibly!)

By the end of your stay, you won’t think twice about doing any of these things, and that’s the point of studying with us!


Navigating the tube is a real London education!

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