Why London?

As Europe ‘s largest city, London is so much more than Roman walls and medieval churches. It is a modern hub of activity where past and present ideas meet as one. No city in the world maintains a population as diverse. Influences from every corner of the globe give London its rightful name as the world’s capital.

So really a more appropriate question would be: why not London? :¬)

‘London in a word’

(NB. ‘AHA’ is our previous name, before we changed to ‘GEO’!)

If you love literature, London is the place for you… 

London is such a literary city, and we at GEO in London love books! Whether a novel, London diary, history book, academic journal or newspaper, we’re always reading something! Even better if it’s related to London in some way, so here are a few of our favourite books about/set in London…


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