Psychology in London with Internship – Spring Quarter

Our Psychology in London with Internship runs for 11 weeks April to June, in line with UO’s term dates.

You will enrol in two or three courses along with your internship placement and required internship seminar. Three course options will be upper division, major satisfying Psychology courses.

Courses subject to change. Possible courses include:

  • Social Psychology (equivalent to PSY 306)
  • Psychopathology (equivalent to PSY 309)
  • Individual Differences (equivalent to PSY 400 level elective)
  • Psychology Practicum (equivalent to PSY 409)
  • Managing People in Organisations (equivalent PSY 300 level elective)
  • Contemporary Britain in a Global Context (INTL 388)

See our general quarter information page for more details on what’s included in the cost, our excursions page for info on trips and visits, and here for more about our guest speakers.

Check the main GEO website for more up-to-date information 

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