Meet the Faculty

We take a great deal of time and care selecting faculty who are experts in their respective field. They are also local to the area and know London well.

  • Susie Thomas
    • Creative Writing (fall semester)
    • The Nineteenth and Twentieth Century English Novel (spring semester)
  • Andrew Whitehead
    • Britain Today: Issues and Perspectives (semester)
    • International News Journalism (summer journalism)
  • Jean Elliott
    • Shakespeare the Dramatist (semester)
  • James Pearce
    • The Culture of Sport and Sports Journalism (summer journalism)
  • Keith Surridge
    • Britain in the Age of Revolution and Reform (spring semester)
    • London: Biography of a City (fall semester)
  • Carole Machin
    • British Masters, Eighteenth Century to Present (spring semester)
    • Modern and Contemporary Art in London (fall semester)
    • British Art of the Last Hundred Years
    • Victorian Art and Architecture
  • Andreas Staab
    • The Economic Integration of the European Union (spring semester)
  • Althea Stewart
    • The Play’s the Thing (fall semester)
    • London Theatre (business programme, spring quarter)
  • Christopher Cook
    • Media in the United Kingdom (semester)
    • Arts Journalism in London (summer journalism)
  • Christine Hoenigs
    • Theatre, Audience and Society: Tragedy and Beyond (spring semester)
  • Clare Whitehead
    • Shakespeare: Text and Context
  • Kalyn Franke
    • Internship Seminars (semester)
  • Simon Waldman
    • Visual Journalism (summer journalism)
    • Political Journalism (summer journalism)
  • Katy Layton-Jones
    • London: Biography of a City (Pre-Freshman programme)
  • Graham Bolton
    • Global, Legal, Social Environment of Business (business programme, spring quarter)
    • Internship seminar (business programme, spring quarter)
  • Carolina Valiente
    • Financial Management (business programme, spring quarter)
  • Samantha Mather
    • Managing Organisations (business programme, spring quarter)


Visiting Faculty

Over the years we’ve also been lucky enough to have faculty visit us from the States and teach on our programmes. While here, they often engage in academic research. Here are some of our visiting professors, past, present and future:

Damian Radcliffe (University of Oregon, School of Journalism and Communication) – Summer 2018
Social Media for Journalists



Sharon Paul (University of Oregon, School of Music and Dance) – Summer 2017 and 2018
Handel to Hendrix: Music, Arts and Culture in London





Susan Shaw (Oregon State University, College of Liberal Arts) – Fall 2016 and 2019
Gender, Race, Class, and Religions in the UK
Law & Order: UK


Kathie Carpenter (University of Oregon, Department of International Studies) – Pre-Freshman Programme, Summer 2016, 2017 and 2018
London, Oregon and Beyond: Advancing Your Academic Success 





Elizabeth Bohls (University of Oregon, Department of English) – Spring 2015
Monster City: London, Monsters and the Nineteenth Century Novel
The Novel and Colonialism in the Long Eighteenth Century

Research: for article ‘Romantic Exploration and Atlantic Slavery: Mungo Park’s Coffle’, published in Studies in Romanticism 55 (2016)

wheelerElizabeth Wheeler (University of Oregon, Department of English) – Spring 2014
Graphic Novels and Cultural Theory
Twentieth Century Literature Post-1945

Research: for book HandiLand, The Crippest Place on Earth: Disability in Young Adult and Children’s Books, to be published by the University of Michigan Press in 2019. The chapter in question was published as ‘Moving Together Side by Side: Human-Animal Comparisons in Picture Books’ in Disability Studies and the Environmental Humanities (Eds. Sarah Jaquette Ray and J.C. Sibara; University of Nebraska Press, 2017).

Dan MillerDaniel Miller (University of Oregon, School of Journalism and Communication) – Spring 2013 and Fall 2017
Britain Calling: The British Documentary Film and Its Dramatic Influence
Documenting London: A Citizen Media Journal of London and My Life & Study There


martha bayless

Martha Bayless (University of Oregon, Department of English) – Winter 2013
Celtic Myths and Legends
Beyond Downton Abbey: the Rich, the Poor, and the Servants in British Literature 



Randall McGowen (University of Oregon, Department of History) – Fall 2012
Living in Eighteenth-Century London
Turning Points in English History



Alexandra Bonds (University of Oregon, Department of Theatre Arts) – Spring 2012
Reinventing Yourself: A Living History of Tudor London
Fashion and Costume: Past into Present



Warren Ginsberg (University of Oregon, Department of English) – Winter 2012
Later Shakespeare



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